Alcon Laboratories  - Training Videos

I worked as a Video Producer for Alcon Laboratories, a leading Eye care company for over five years. I oversaw the production of hundreds, if not thousands, of videos. On average, we would produce 300 - 500 videos a year. We would film several videos centered around training components that we would film with the Alcon Surgical Equipment. Below you will find some examples of some of these video projects that I worked on over the years.


Director, Producer, Editor, DP

We recorded two training programs for setting up and using Alcon's 3D camera system, Ngenuity. This is the second of the two pieces of training. We filmed on-location in our wet-lab with two cameras for this project and utilized our Tricaster to do a live edit while we were taping. This edit was used for planning shots and was ultimately tossed out in the final edit. Our first training video was more of an introduction to using the Ngenuity system.


Director, Producer, Editor, DP

We recorded multiple training programs for setting up and using Alcon's refractive laser systems, Wavelight. This is the first of the two pieces of training. We filmed three cameras for this project in our studio and utilized our Tricaster to do a live edit while we were taping. Our second training video was filmed with the entire Wavelight Suite in one of our wet-labs and involved multiple days of filming to capture all of the system's extensive setup procedures.

LX3 - Live Meetings

 Director, Producer, Editor, DP

During my time at Alcon, we filmed many Live-meetings to broadcast to associates that were working remotely. We found this to be extremely helpful to the sales teams or associates who were attending training, where traveling to a particular location would have been out of budget. I pioneered the implementation of streaming these videos remotely. We would capture everything on 2 or 3 cameras, and I would do a live edit that would be pushed live for others to view.

Clear Care

Director, Producer, Editor, DP

We filmed multiple training videos in our video studio during my time at Alcon. This one was for Clear Care and required us to film each of the participants separately. 


Director, Producer, Editor, DP

Another example of the training videos that we filmed around Alcon. We recorded many videos for Centurion, and this one was one of the last training videos that I captured at Alcon.


Director, Producer, Editor, DP

This was the first large scale training video that I captured for the Alcon team. We moved all of the Alcon surgical equipment into our small studio space to capture this video. Following this production, we had mountains of requests from other teams to record similar videos. 


Selected Works

Alamo DrafthouseGraphic Design, Animation, Director & Producer

Introducing Windows 11Motion Graphics Designer

Adobe | Welcome to SummitDirector & Producer

Introducing Surface Duo 2Motion Graphics Designer

Introducing Surface Laptop StudioMotion Graphics Designer

Microsoft ListsPost-production Supervisor

Microsoft FormsPost-production Supervisor

Canon EOS R5 & R6Editor & Animation

Oblivion Interactive DisplaysAnimation, Producer & Director

International Rescue CommitteeGraphic Design, Animation, Director & Producer

ExamityAnimation, Director & Producer

United WayEditor & Animation

It’s Not ComplicatedDirector & Producer

Jennie Garth - The Eye SolutionDP, Producer & Editor

Microsoft | Modern WorkplacePost-Production Supervisor & Editor

Four Nights in DecemberProducer, Director, DP & Editor

Alcon - Training VideosDP, Director, Producer & Editor

Alcon - Talking Heads & InterviewsDP, Director, Producer & Editor

2020 Stoke Holiday CardAnimation & Director

Seed & StemAnimation & Director

Blend 3015Animation & Director

Build | Microsoft 365 Intro and OutroPost-production Supervisor

Ignite | Security IntroPost-production Supervisor

Ignite | Teams Intro & OutroPost-production Supervisor

Alcon TVProducer, Director, Editor, & Animation

Alcon Live MeetingsProducer, Director, Editor, & Animation


Microsoft Lists | We got thisPost-production Supervisor

Microsoft PlannerPost-production Supervisor

Microsoft ProjectPost-production Supervisor

Museum MilanoAnimation & Director

Science Addicts, Unite!Animation & Director

Focus.ioAnimation & Director

PixelsAnimation & Director

It's a Trap!Animation & Director

Up In The AirAnimation & Director

Rock Em Sock EmAnimation & Director

Quarantine 2020Graphic Design, Animation & Director

70 Years of AlconAnimation, Director & Producer

Chuck NorrisGraphic Design, Animation, Director

Squish & SquashAnimation & Director

Olly Walk & RunAnimation & Director

Squish & Squash JumpAnimation & Director

Dolly ThrowAnimation & Director

Olly SceneAnimation & Director

EchoNous BiomedGraphic Design, Animation & Director

Live BallotGraphic Design, Animation & Director

Architecture & Nature AcademyGraphic Design & Animation


Make Great ArtGraphic Design, Animation, Director & Producer

SystaneAnimation, Director & Producer

Azure Active Directory + Dropbox BusinessPost-production Supervisor

Power BI | Microsoft TeamsEditor & Animation

Cinema 4D BasecampGraphic Design

IBM SmartCityGraphic Design

Sprint Mood BoardsGraphic Design

Converse Logo RevealGraphic Design

Diesel | Dance PlanetGraphic Design

12 KilometersGraphic Design

35 DentonCamera Operator, Producer & Editor

David Crosby & Snarky PuppyCamera Operator, Producer & Editor

DCTA Ribbon CuttingDirector, Producer & Editor

Department of Energy | SWAP 4Editor & Animation

Live From DansDirector, Producer, DP & Editor

#LiveInColor 5KDP, Producer & Editor

Leukemia TexasDP, Director, Producer & Editor