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Given that this project focused solely on software rather than hardware, we aimed to create a video that highlighted AI stories enabled by the Qualcomm chip without featuring physical devices.

Cocreator in Paint Breakdown

One of the most challenging UI stories to tell in this project was the Cocreator in Paint feature. The concept of drawing and then letting AI create an image based on your sketches was particularly difficult to visualize. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

  • Initial Concept: Started with a pre-created art piece, added sketches, and transitioned to an AI-enhanced final image. This approach was not effective, prompting a rethink.
  • Refinement Stages: Used the product more extensively to create more accurate representations, improving UI flow and pacing. Developed a 3D version, but found the UI too accurate and not aligned with the video’s fantastical tone.
  • Final Adjustments: After several iterations and directorial guidance, I rebuilt the entire scene, refining it to effectively showcase the Cocreator feature.

This iterative process was highly creative and ultimately successful, resulting in a Cocreator scene that seamlessly integrated into our final sizzle video.

Microsoft Copilot Breakdown

Creating the Microsoft Copilot segment was one of the most complex tasks in this project. Here’s a detailed shot-by-shot breakdown of the key versions that led to the final product:

  • Initial Concepts: Laid foundational ideas for Copilot with step-by-step scenarios and experimented with different versions to showcase various capabilities.
  • Developing the Concept: Explored three key concepts: find, recipe, and analyze. Expanded these scenes further but found them too lengthy.
  • Exploring Narration: Experimented with a voice-over track but revised the approach to focus on music, simplifying the UI for clarity.
  • Transition to 3D: Polished the UI and started creating style frames in a 3D scenario, progressing through 3D development.
  • Final Version: Showcased Copilot’s capabilities effectively, emphasizing simplicity and user empowerment.

The complexity of this piece was significant, but it served as the catalyst for the entire sizzle video. The iterative process and collaborative effort ensured that the final video was cohesive and compelling.


Director - Cisco McCarthy
Art Director - Melissa Kim
Producers - Emily Duarte, Ryta Karagodina & Justin Sund
Creative Director - Brian Townsend
Executive Creative Director - Markus Weickenmeier
3D Motion Designers - Ziye Liu, Danny Yoon, Gap Yossanun, Kyle Moore
3D Art Development - Wes Cockx
Art Design - Phoebe Hsu
Storyboard Artist - Alex Alvarado
UI Production Director - Patrick Flaherty
2D Motion Designer - Toliy Patel
UI Design - Piper Phan


Director - Cisco McCarthy
Assistant Director - Patrick Flaherty
Art Director - Melissa Kim
Producers - Emily Duarte, Ryta Karagodina, Justin Sund & Patrick Flaherty
Creative Director - Brian Townsend
Executive Creative Director - Markus Weickenmeier
3D Motion Designers - Ziye Liu, Danny Yoon, Gap Yossanun, Kyle Moore
3D Art Development - Wes Cockx
Art Design - Phoebe Hsu
Storyboard Artist - Alex Alvarado
UI Production Director - Patrick Flaherty
2D Motion Designer - Toliy Patel
UI Design - Piper Phan

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