About this project

In 2010 I produced a short film with Take Aim Productions. During this project, I oversaw the pre-production planning and the day of production. The movie we captured focuses on a man upset over a relationship coming home one night, discovering what looks like a home invasion in progress. Finding no one as he enters his small apartment, his worldly problems threaten to overtake him again, before a confrontation with the supernatural puts his life into perspective.




Daniel: Jesse Parsons
Evelyn: Giovannie Cruz

Director and Writer: Coleman McClung
Producer: Patrick Flaherty
Production Manager: Charlotte Golden
First Assistant Director: Chuck Crosswhite

Cinematography: Benjamin Tubb
First Assistant Camera: Justin Uchendu
Second Assistant Camera: Alex Wagner
Red Tech | DIT: Andrew Wagnitz

Gaffer: Fredrick 'Frede' Odhiambo
Key Grip: Jen Patrick Mahoney

Key Set PA: Kellie Wiggins
Set PA: Amanda Austin

Visual Effects: Andrew Wagnitz
Colorist: Benjamin Tubb

Original Score: Matt Hinson
Sound Design: Codi Putman
ADR & Final Mixing: Dustin Benson


Take Aim Pictures


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